111 Clinical Advisor

Salary negotiable
Contract Type:

You will oversee and be responsible for the assessment of the health and clinical needs of the patient, utilising clinical judgement supported by decision support software.

Key Responsibilities:

Service Delivery

Assess the health and clinical needs of patients/patient’s representatives contacting the service, and using critical thinking and clinical judgement, supported by clinical decision making software, agree with the patient a course of action to meet theses needs. This will include:

Analysis and prioritisation of the information obtained 

The selection, critical analysis and use of available clinical and health resources to inform clinical decision making and identify potential options for the patients

Referral on to a range of other services including 999 ambulance, urgent referral to hospital, GPs, nursing services

The provision of

  • Self-care advice
  • Health information advice such as advice on medication, immunisation
  • Health education and advice
  • Identify and take appropriate actions to address risks of the patient.

This will include:

Identification of emergency care needs required despatch of a 999 ambulance

Child protection and vulnerable adult issues which require referral on to other agencies in line with local policies

  • Recognise and exploit opportunities for the provision of health education during the consultation process, referring to appropriate health care professionals as required
  • Work independently and at the same time contribute to the work of the whole 111 team to ensure the delivery of a consistently high level of service. This will include

Taking responsibility and being accountable for managing own workload, risk assessment and management, acting within professional codes and guidelines, and local policies, procedures and guidelines and referring appropriately to the clinical team leader for advice and support

Undertaking other duties when required, such as call taking or administrative tasks

Identifying issues which may negatively impact upon service delivery and reporting these on to the clinical team leader in a timely fashion

Acting as a clinical resource for non-clinical staff who may require advice and support

  • Maintain contemporaneous records of the consultation and action taken using the computer software and where necessary written records, in line with NMC guidance and local policies, guidelines and procedures
  • Remain focused on the delivery of an excellent service within an unpredictable, diverse and challenging workload.

As a standard, pay is processed weekly, however flexible options are available.

Pay Rates:

£33 per hour -0800-2000 - Weekdays

£38 per hour -2000-0800 - Nights

£43 per hour Weekends

£50 per hour Bank Holidays

Our client also requires both clinical and non clinical Pathways trained Coaches and Auditors.

Start Date 

For more information, please contact Lewis on 01992 513777 (Option 5) or by email to: Lewis.Thompson@evergoodassociates.co.uk