Deputy Team Manager – Older People and Physical Disability Services

Social Care
£30 to £32 Per Hour
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To monitor review and re-assessment activity within the team; ensuring that review requests  are responded to in  a timely and efficient manner.


 Monitoring and reporting of the activities of the team, agreeing and authorising outcomes regarding social work reviews and re-assessments and care plans, to ensure service users and carers needs are met in accordance with assessed need.


Professional and personal development of the team, in order that staff develop professionally and in accordance with Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration requirements and the performance management policies of the local authority


Co-ordinating work, providing professional support, allocation of work and the monitoring of case loads and support to social workers.


To conduct reviews and re-assessments managing and holding those cases with more complex, specialist needs.


To represent the local authority at meetings across social care and health, third sector and the wider community in agreement with the team manager. This is to represent the council; ensuring decisions made are in accordance with local authority policies and procedures, national legislation and/ or local guidance. This will have the effect of more efficient use of resources, leading to improved outcomes for service users and their families.


To be supportive of multi disciplinary work, encouraging effective team working, which leads to improved service user and carer outcomes


To undertake regular staff supervisions and to carry out appraisals with staff to assess their performance in line with MKC policies and procedures..


The management of complaints allocated to them by the Team Manager.







The role is accountable to the local authority, and all its managers and officers, especially those which have a relationship to adult social care.


The role engages and supports very closely with professional practice and accountability of all team members, of which there are an average of 15 in a team , in ensuring decisions are made in line with professional codes of practice , and that risk taking for service users and their families is well managed


Good communication is required as the post holder will, liaise and respond to a wide range of professionals, both internal and external to the organisation, usually on matters that relate to joint social care or health outcomes often, but not exclusively in the absence of the team manager.


Internally responsibilities include the leadership, management, training and professional development of specific social workers and of all of the team when the team manager is absent from their post. The post holder will also assist the team manager with recruitment of staff and induction of new staff.


The post holder is a day to day contact for all matters relating to case management and accountabilities for all members of staff, expected to provide advice and share decision making regarding high risk or emergency needs of service users, making person centred decisions at times of crisis and change in the lives of service users and their families. 


There is no direct budget holding responsibility within the post, but the post holder needs to be very aware, through the team manager, of budget issues that affect the performance of the team, and the wider decisions within the local authority.


There is a responsibility to support and assist social workers in their decision making and case management regarding safeguarding cases, and communicate issues to the wider management structure (including colleagues in the health service) where there may be a requirement for additional intervention, support, awareness, particularly in cases of a complex, multi agency nature.


Work Profile


The role has a responsibility to consider all appropriate local and national legislation and policy, as well as adhering to agreed procedures as determined by adult social care and the local authority.


There is a need to communicate widely and efficiently across all members of the team, and wider multi disciplinary teams (in social care and health), in relation to allocation of work, reviews re-assessments and care planning.


The post will work effectively in managing information across the boundaries of social care and health, particularly in relation to service user and carer outcomes, but also in relation to undertaking a duty of care (including safeguarding) and responsibility of the actions and responses of the team where the local authority has a responsibility to intervene i.e. being clear about the actual or intended action of the local authority in its decision making.


Enabling, planning and facilitating the training and professional development needs of those social workers who are directly accountable to them requires the post holder to be aware of emerging change in local and national policies, guidance and procedures, particularly in relation to maintaining registration (and evidence required for this) and the role of social work.


To work in conjunction with the team manager, to address all recruitment, induction, training, management, supervision in line with council policies and best practice to ensure all agreed performance standards are achieved.


To be efficient and confident in the use of all electronically based adult social care records for the purpose of ensuring that recording takes place across the whole team in line with council policies.


The post holder will manage a limited complex caseload, where a situation is unstable through the dynamics of a family, or the complexity of meeting assessed need because of the particular circumstances of the casework. This may include taking on cases where the social work relationship has broken down.