Occupational Health

Occupational Therapy, AHP / HSS
£30 to £0 Per Annum
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Staff working in Adult Social Care in Oxfordshire will:

provide a proactive personalised approach to the delivery of care;respond to people’s needs in a timely manner;focus on improving people’s well-being;promote and support people to be responsible for their independence;give people greater choice and control over the care that they receive;take account of people’s risks and safety at all times;support people to achieve the outcomes that are most important to them using all available resources and taking responsibility for the public purse;work in accordance with the Corporate CHOICE values and competency framework https://intranet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/competency-explanation


This will be achieved by:

innovation and creativity in meeting needs;a commitment to service development;partnership working with individuals, other professionals and wider local networks to deliver an effective and affordable service;outcome focused working to identify opportunities to meet needs, demands and achieve aspirations;taking ownership and doing all we can to effect positive change;flexible working to meet the varying demands across the different teams;promoting and supporting people in identifying, and managing their own risks;preventing the need for ongoing care.


Our guiding principles



put people and their experience at the center of what we do;work as one team, taking ownership for your work, respecting your time and that of others, only involving colleagues if necessarybuild social value in our work;work with individuals, their families, partner agencies and communities to improve and inform services;share information with the person about their care;see our contribution in the context of the overall services;have internal debate and external unity;are open to new ideas, seek and act on feedback and have a continuous improvement and learning culture;make the best use of available resources;make evidence based decisions and support others to do the same.




To work within the requirements of the Care Act 2014, and any other legislation and guidance as may be relevant and the HCPC codes of practice, providing personalised information and advice, safeguarding, assessment, support planning, equipment, adaptations and review to individuals/families and their carers.


Ensuring that in responding to eligible need, all options including the use of informal support networks, community resources and the provision or arrangement of cost effective necessary.