Occupational Therapist x2

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Previous OT experience, HCPC registered,  We are recruiting two x full time experienced Occupational Therapists within Adult Social Care.  The base will be Babbage House, Cambridge, although flexibility will be required to travel throughout the country as a focussed geographical area will assigned until completed and then moved to another area within the county. 

The role will be an integral part of the newly formed (Review Team for City, South and East Adult services). This is a six month project to address the significant backlog of reviews, whilst working to undertake holistic high quality person centred reviews and care and support plans within the community.

It is expected that 5 reviews will be completed per week as a minimum and there is flexibility to write assessments from home.

Job Purpose:                 

To work as an integral member of the Review Team undertaking strength based functional assessments of adults who are in receipt of Care & Support from Cambridgeshire County Council, Adult Social Care. The aim of the team is to take a unified and creative approach to reviews by maximising people’s independence as much as possible and amending the Care & Support Plan to ensure it meets people’s needs in the most appropriate way.

Principal Accountabilities

Deliver functional, strengths based assessments of people in their own homes, or who are placed in a care home, funded by Cambridgeshire County Council

Utilise professional expertise to identify and recommend appropriate enabling initiatives and / or assistive equipment for people to promote as much independence as possible in their activities of daily living, both in the home and in the wider community

When necessary, undertake joint assessment with other members of the Review Team so that there is shared learning across all Review Team practitioners

Work in ways which are sensitive to, and appropriate for, the needs of people and their families from a wide range of racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. This requires the use of fine judgements within risk assessments that respect individual’s needs and desires

Work flexibly to meet the needs of people, including being able to undertake reviews outside ‘normal working hours’ eg early morning or late evening visits, in order to observe care tasks being delivered by formal and informal carers

Ensure that people, their families and other agencies are communicated with effectively and provided with the necessary information regarding any changes to their care and support plans, or other interventions

Demonstrate calm and sound professional reasoning in the face of any concerns and challenge from the service user, family or care providers

Facilitate as much independence and autonomy as possible for people  through comprehensive demonstration of equipment and support people and their carers Support the service user, formal carers and family carers to use the specialist moving and handling equipment

To complete reviews, and reassessment (where appropriate) and update Care & Support Plan’s.  

Service Development & Performance

Implement a range of evidence based improvements to delivery of social care assessment, review and provision

Influence and support strategic development across People & Communities through the sharing of expert knowledge to ensure that this is taken into account when planning future services

To keep abreast of developments in new assistive technologies and Technology Enabled Care (TEC)

Directly assist in the evaluation and monitoring of outcomes – both qualitative and financial – in order to contribute to the performance monitoring of the service and deliver savings for the Directorate


Lead on the development of criteria that will be used in order to agree when a review may need to be OT-led to assist with the allocation of work within the review team

Identify training needs and deliver training programmes to colleagues within the Review Team

Maintain and enhance specialist professional knowledge and be able to critically analyse current research and disseminate this information, using excellent communication skills, to colleagues and partners


Manage and  execute complex risk assessments that acknowledge accepted risks in relation to people’s functional independence, ensuring clear and precise documentation of the risk assessment

Recognise and understand how abuse can occur and reduce the risk of abuse happening

Contribute to the assessment of risk and protective factors in cases where there are issues of risk of harm to adults or children and to lead on the clinical assessment in high risk cases

Respond to Safeguarding concerns (both Adults and Children) that arise in the course of interventions, in line with Safeguarding standards and procedures and to take responsibility for  own decision making in high risk cases

Contribute to the delivery of a quality service by identifying and acting upon poor practice and reporting through the Concerns and Compliments process

Work collaboratively with the domiciliary care providers’ risk assessors to ensure any risks are clearly acknowledged by all parties and clearly documented 

Partnership working

Work closely with the Council’s Double-Up Team in order to keep up to date on current moving and handling guidance and practice including the legislative requirements that underpin approaches to complex moving & handling and single-handed care

Initiate and maintain excellent collaborative working relationships with external agencies particularly domiciliary care providers in the independent sector, the provider of the Integrated Community Equipment service, District Council Housing partners and Community OT colleagues

Utilise experience and expertise to support, influence and respectfully challenge practice in order to contribute to the provision of effective interventions to support people in the community

Offer advice and support to professional colleagues in relation to early intervention and preventative approaches

Human Resources

Participate in regular supervision and performance appraisal process. Day to day supervision will be received from the Review Team Manager with Clinical Supervision provided by the Lead Practitioner from the Double-Up Team

Participate in the County Council’s OT Professional Development Group (OT PDG)

Complete ongoing professional learning and development in accordance with HCPC requirements.

Demonstrate a commitment to own professional development and the development of other staff.


Please contact Amy Maher on 01992 513 777 ext 3 or amy.maher@evergoodassocaites.co.uk.