Qualified Social Worker – Adults (OP/PD, MH & LD)

Social Care
£28 to £30 Per Hour
Contract Type:

Accountabilities Assessment

  • Use professional skills, knowledge, and experience and a range of interpersonal and specialist communication skills to gather information and complete and record a social care assessment proportional to need
  • Complete a risk assessment that will be proportional to the presenting needs, with particular reference to safeguarding, mental capacity and the needs of complex cases, using the principles of positive risk taking
  • Where appropriate, refer the person to other specialists; statutory services; and/or relevant agencies, and take a professional lead in meeting social care needs
  • Establish the assessed person’s eligibility using Adult Service’s criteria
  • Ensure an assessment is offered to a carer/s in relation to their caring role, and completed if requested.

Care & Support Planning

  • Ensure that appropriate action in conjunction with other agencies and within legal and statutory framework, to protect vulnerable people.
  • Ensure a care plan or support plan summary is written that identifies how needs will be met, outcomes will be achieved and any identified risks will be managed.
  • Where a safeguarding risk management plan is required, make a key contribution to that plan and ensure that a care or support plan summary is written in the context of the risks identified Social Worker/Qualified Care Manager (OP/PD, MH & LD) 01 08 12 3 § Resolve conflict with competing needs and mediate between different goals and objectives.
  • Ensure that the plan will take account of diversity, and will maintain and improve their quality of life. Care plans should promote dignity and empowerment and comply with legal and statutory requirements.
  • Ensure that where a person lacks mental capacity to make a decision concerning their social care, a Best Interest Decision is made on their behalf, unless there is another person with evidenced authority to make the decision.
  • Ensure that appropriate service provision is identified which is within the Department’s resource framework and adheres to Best Value Principles.
  • Ensure the care or support plan summary is risk assessed using the principles of positive risk taking and following departmental practice guidance
  • Ensure the care or support plan summary is agreed with the person concerned wherever possible, and/or their legal representative, it is appropriately recorded in their social care record, and all activities needed to meet the department’s performance indicators are completed

Case Management

  • Offer support and guidance and work in a professional manner with service users, carers and families to establish mutual trust and understanding and ensure services received meet identified outcomes
  • Maintain case records that comply with current legislation and departmental policies and procedures. Records should be accessible to individuals, colleagues and managers as appropriate.
  • Produce reports as required which comply with statutory and departmental procedures and capture and analyse information clearly and guide decision making and case management
  • Within the bounds of confidentiality and appropriate consent, communicate effectively with individuals and agencies using a variety of methods to keep them appropriately informed and involved
  • Respond appropriately to feedback from service users and providers


  • Review and reassess as required care packages/support plan summaries against identified risks, assessed needs, and agreed outcomes
  • Take appropriate action if a person’s assessed eligible needs are not being met, including a re-assessment of needs if required
  • Work with multi-disciplinary teams, and other agencies to ensure a review is proportional to need
  • Ensure the review is agreed with the person concerned and/or their representative; it is appropriately recorded in their social care record; and all activities needed to meet the department’s performance indicators are completed


  • Ensure that people who have eligible social care needs are referred for a financial assessment, and are advised on how funding is allocated to meet assessed eligible needs. This will include an explanation on how service user contributions are processed 
  • Ensure all provisions are recorded and are authorised appropriately
  • Ensure people are correctly signposted to information on benefits, contributions and allowances
  • Check that personal budgets are an appropriate amount to meet assessed eligible needs, and if adjustments are needed, refer to line manager

Service Development

  • Work co-operatively with other agencies and stakeholders and contribute to forums/projects to develop partnerships and services which are responsive to identified needs

Professional Development 

  • Complete continuing professional development as required by own professional body, and other training and development activities identified in your personal development plan or by the department
  • Contribute to and participate in the development of others through sharing best practice and learning from events and experiences of practice with both positive and negative outcomes
  • Offer advice and support to unqualified staff, newly qualified staff and students on placement, and in agreed circumstances provide specific support and supervision eg practice educator or work based supervisor.

Corporate and statutory initiatives

  • Work within corporate and statutory frameworks such as, human rights, antidiscrimination/health and safety/sustainability and demonstrate commitment to them in daily working practice
  • Understand the processes of discrimination and oppression at individual, cultural and structural levels and challenge them appropriately


  • To use professional knowledge, skills and interventions in accordance with HCPC code of practice, statutory duties, professional practice, departmental policies and procedures, and best value 
  • To assess, monitor and review the social care needs of adults, and their carers in relation to their caring role
  • To support the planning and arrangements, provision or purchase of appropriate services/care that will meet a person’s assessed and eligible needs and the outcomes identified
  • To work in partnership with users, carers, relatives and other agencies, to identify current and future service requirements and contribute to service development within the scope of the role

Start Date

For more information please contact Sophie on 01992 513777 (Option 3) or by email Sophie.Atkinson@evergoodassociates.co.uk