Qualified Social Worker – Assessment Team

Social Care
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HCPC Registered, Previous childrens experience required.  To provide a high quality and effective social work service to respond to the needs of children and their families within statutory guidelines. Experience completing Child and Family Assessments in a timely and comprehensive manner. 


To provide a high quality and effective social work service to respond to the needs of children and their families in a timely manner and within statutory guidelines.  To assess need, plan and deliver focused intervention to safeguard children and promote positive outcomes.

Key Accountabilities

Each of the five key accountabilities is outlined below.  Each area is divided into two sections: the desired outcome and the activities required to meet that outcome.


 Outcome: To provide a clear and accurate assessment of a child and his/her family’s needs in line with statutory guidance

To undertake interviews, observation and gather information from children, families and other agencies.  To analyse, summarise and evaluate this information to provide a holistic assessment of a child’s needs

To understand the context of child development, parenting capacity and family and environmental factors in which to establish the needs of an individual child

To assess and balance risk and protective factors within a child protection framework

 1.4    To provide written and verbal reports which are concise, informative and based on analysis of complex evidence

1.5    To review and reassess when necessary and be open to a change of view in response to new evidence

Planning and service delivery

Outcome: To provide focused and purposeful social work interventions with explicit aims and objectives about desired outcomes within the context of managing risk to children

On the basis of assessed needs, to devise written plans for intervention and/or care for children and their families

To work closely with the therapist assigned to the social work unit and take advice in devising and implementing clinical interventions with children and their families, in various settings including family homes

To carry out planned interventions using a range of tried and tested methodologies including systemic and social learning theory approaches

To use research findings and statutory guidance to inform social work practice

To utilise problem solving skills within the context of a professional relationship with parents and their children

To develop and manage Child Protection Plans for all children who require them in line with child protection procedures

To provide and present concise reports about complex information in line with the requirements of the London Child Protection Procedures, and the court

To acquire knowledge about different groups, races and cultures which inform service delivery and to understand the impact of racism and discrimination on children and their families

2.9    To work within a flexible framework in order to meet the demands of the service outside usual 9-5 hours

2.10  To undertake any other duties as directed by managers in accordance with the needs of the service

Direct work with children and their families

           Outcome: To build a professional relationship with children and their families and to use that relationship to safeguard children and promote positive outcomes

 3.1    To communicate effectively with children and their families, ensuring that their views and wishes are heard, and recorded accurately

3.2    To establish rapport and build a respectful, honest and trusted relationship with children and their families, particularly their parents and / or main carers

 3.3    To respond in a timely manner to all contacts from children and their families

  3.4    To ensure that children and their families are provided with written reports about their circumstances and plans for intervention

3.5    To understand and respect the rights of children

3.6     To deal promptly and sensitively to complaints from service users within the framework of the Council Complaints Procedure

To ensure all matters in respect of child protection are dealt with promptly, effectively and in line with the child protection procedures


           Outcome: To take responsibility and be accountable for all work undertaken as directed by the Screening Referral Manager/Consultant Social Worker

To manage the workload as directed and organise and plan work activities taking into account the need to prioritise tasks and responsibilities

To take responsibility for own professional development by attending supervision, appraisals and learning and training opportunities

To work closely with the therapist assigned to the social work unit and to ensure clinical advice is followed as directed by the Screening Referral Manager/Consultant Social Worker

To ensure that statutory responsibilities are undertaken for children including visiting children, arranging reviews, reporting to the court, delivering within timescales and meeting any other national and local performance targets

To maintain management information about children and their families by inputting data in line with the IT frameworks which have been adopted by the service

To maintain case records, keeping case files well organised, up to date and able to provide concise and accurate information about a child’s circumstances and plans

To take responsibility for maintaining a staff presence within the social work unit to respond to unplanned calls or events, by partaking in rotas or other cover arrangements

 To keep up to date with research knowledge of social learning theory and systemic approaches

Please contact Amy Maher on 01992 513 777 ext 3 or amy.maher@evergoodassocaites.co.uk.