Hospital Doctor Revalidation

Locum doctors that work primarily through Evergood can use Evergood Associates as their Designated Body for Revalidation.

In order to arrange your appraisal/ revalidation you will need to register with Maar Gateway ( - you will then need to upload any appraisal information/ or any other information as specified by Maar Gateway. They will use this information to assess your suitability to be revalidated, and may ask you to obtain more information before they can do so.

There is a payment for Maar Gateways services, please visit for a list detailing prices.

The information will also need to be reflected to the GMC – to do this please log into GMC Connect and set Evergood Associates Ltd as your designated body, and Alastair Baker as your responsible officer.

Of course if you require any further information please do let us know and we will assist in any way we can, please visit and for more detail or contact us by email

Wednesday Sep 28, 2016