Smash that job interview with our interview 101

They can be stressful to many people, and come laden with the unknown, cold sweats and extreme performance anxiety. However, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll need to get through the dreaded job interview, regardless of how they make you feel, to secure your new dream job.

We’ll do what we can to arm you with what you need - the organisation, any background information and all we can tell you to grease those wheels when it comes to it. However, you have to do your bit. Few things put a potential employer off as much as an interviewee displaying apathy.

We’ve put together a simple list of steps you can take to stack the cards in your favour.

Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail.

You didn’t get where you are today through sheer luck. You’ve put in the hours to learn your trade, yet we still see so many people underestimating the prep they should do for an interview. The more you go over what you’ve prepared, the less stressed you’ll feel. But what can you go over?


The Organisation

We’ll tell you all we can about the company or organisation that is interviewing you. Don’t leave it at that. Do your homework. Research them online, look at any news articles or blogs that are either on their website or on Google and reference them when you talk. If you can find out anything about your interviewers, even better. It’s flattering to have been researched, assuming it’s all positive!


Your Details

In Difficult Questions and Answers we gave you some pointers.

Of course, you can’t possibly know what they are going to ask you, but you certainly know about yourself and your background. Have an arsenal of answers relating to you that you can apply to the kind of questions you may be asked. Ideally, situations where there might have been a negative aspect that you turned into a positive. Then you can tailor them to the questions on the day.


Be Organised

Take a pad and pen. That seems simple, but some people don’t. Plan your questions and have notes about yourself on there ready, bullet pointed for easy reading under pressure. In addition, have the interviewers name, address and contact number for reference. Take notes. It helps and can allow a tiny breather to think of an answer. Ask questions. Remember that an interview is a two-way street.


Plan Ahead

Where are they? Is there parking? Do you have change for the meter? If time allows, do a dummy run to the destination. It would be a shame to undermine all your hard work only to turn up a late, stressed, sweaty mess. Be kind to yourself and plan ahead. It’s better to sit with a cuppa in a nearby café for half an hour than be late.

They may seem like obvious points, but don’t underestimate the importance of them. The more you prepare, the better you will feel. Then it’s all down to what happens on the day. Above all else, if you are unsure, then speak to Evergood  

Wednesday Aug 8, 2018