Top 3 psychological benefits of teamwork

It’s no secret that there are numerous advantages of working as part of a team. When it comes to attempting to maximise an organisation’s effectiveness, no matter the size, teamwork can improve almost every aspect of performance.

You may have been unaware of the numerous psychological benefits of teamwork: raising levels of morale, expertise and efficiency, improving the quality of customer service and enhancing initiative, learning, planning and creativity.

Here are the top five psychological benefits of teamwork:


Working in a team makes you accountable to other people in a way that you don’t find when working alone. Whether it’s the motivation of not wanting to let your teammates down or the desire to impress others, being part of a team can give a worker that added incentive to go the extra mile. When a workload is shared and members of a team collaborate, there is a greater sense of accomplishment when the task is completed. This, combined with a sense of belonging, appreciation and recognition, can drastically improve employee motivation.

Creative Freedom

It’s hard to argue against the old sayings, especially the one that says that two heads are better than one – and this is rarely truer than when it comes to developing ideas. Teams of people are able to produce more creative, innovative and practical solutions to problems than an individual working alone can. When you are able to bounce ideas off one another in a brainstorming meeting, employees have a greater sense of freedom in terms of coming up with unique and out-of-the-box ideas. On the flip-side, working alone can make someone feel content to stick to the safer option.


This might seem like a slightly glib point but there is a lot to be said for the enjoyment brought about by working in a team. When an employee finds joy in their work, it’s no surprise that they are more likely to throw themselves into the role more than they would if they don’t get any satisfaction from work. Even on those days when you’re not firing on all cylinders, having a team around you is a great way of turning a frown upside down and helping you get on top form. It’s no secret that when employees find enjoyment in their work and feel a strong sense of job satisfaction, they feel less stressed, more productive and staff turnover decreases significantly.

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Tuesday Mar 20, 2018