I am happy to have worked with you over these years

This is a testimonial for Evergood agency. Thank you very much for all the work you provided for me over the last years. I had been working with Evergood Agency since year 2005. I am very happy to have been able to work with you over these years. My working with you had been a positive working relationship for me. I had been helped and supported in many ways. You had been able to secure job for me and support me in my clinical practice. I had also been supported administratively where ever I go to work for you. The role of Locum agency is not only to look for the job. Evergood agency responds timely to GP concern. They also respond to practice concerns which I heard from many practices had been sent to in the past. As a Locum, you work hand-in-hand communicating continuously to make sure that the job is carried out appropriately. This involved support for the GP to go to the practice on time, to organise accommodation for the GP, and also to provide all logistic requirement for the job. Whenever there is a possibility that there is a working relationship breakdown between the locum and the GP practice where do you look on this working, Evergood agency make sure they are involve all the way and bring the problem to a positive concluding end for the practice and the GP. Evergood locum agency always make sure that they know when their GP is due for appraisal and follow up to know if the appraisal had been done and when next appraisal will be done. A discussion on mandatory training is also done. In light of this I believe, Evergood Locum Agency, is very concerned with the quality of clinical quality of the doctor that they send out to work for them. Also they go through all mandatory training pending and that need to be done. They have robust administrative division making sure that GP are compliance with administrative requirement needed to be sent to GP Surgery before the GP is sent to the GP practices. In my situation I had a GMC investigation which spanned over a period of over three years. Throughout this period I enjoyed a wonderful support from Evergood agency. This meant a lot to me. When it comes to renumeration on the job. Evergood pays me as their Locum very well. You can guarantee a prompt payment for the job done. I do not have followed enough words to explain how I personally feel have a good look on the agency from. Dr O, Locum GP, Bucks
Wednesday Feb 24, 2016