I never thought joining Evergood would change my life

“I never thought joining Evergood would change my life, it is the one risk that I take in my 26 years of my nursing career that filled the gap that I always search and longed for.
Working for Evergood made me realise that after all, they are some people in this world would value and reward your hard work, Evergood has changed my belief that a foreign nurse like me would never be recognised and given the credit I deserve for my clinical skills and my rich medical knowledge I obtain from my lengthy years in nursing. My experience with Evergood is incomparable, I have worked as well with other top notch well known Independent Nursing Agencies but Evergood staff and management are the top notch, especially their good relationship with their nurses, I hate to name people as everyone who you talk to Evergood are so accommodating and always prepare to help.

Miss Cole, RGN, Somerset

Thursday Apr 28, 2016