A Day In The Life Of A Recruiter

Our employees are at the centre of what we do and we’re proud of the individuals that make up the Evergood team. While recruitment consultants play a crucial role behind the scenes for a lot of the time, we thought would be interesting to get a first-hand perspective of what a day in the life of a recruiter was like.

Meet Raiffel Wurr; Team Leader with Evergood in the Primary Care sector.


“It may not come as a surprise to many reading this but my morning doesn’t really get going until I’ve paid a visit to the coffee machine for a double shot of caffeine. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on the early shift or the late one, I always start my day with a coffee before starting the work routine by going through emails. Having worked my way through the daily correspondence from candidates and clients, it’s then time to write my day’s to-do list and reply to everyone. Oh, then it’s time for another visit to the coffee machine.

After a second caffeine hit, I go about the business of looking for roles for the candidates I have on my books; which more often than not requires spending a good couple of hours on the phone. And while many of the calls I make won’t end up proving successful, I try and take a positive from each one I make; be it establishing a new contact or improving on the service I can provide my candidate and clients.”


“A chance to reflect my thoughts, plan for the afternoon, tuck into a BLT or a salad. Oh, and have coffee number three of the day.”


“Having kicked off the afternoon by actioning any emails that might have come in during lunch, I get on with canvassing; calling potential candidates. While recruiters for some companies can struggle to get past the first 10 seconds of a call, because Evergood have such an established and respected name, prospects tend to be keen to speak to us when we do call. As well as time on the phone spent talking to new candidates, on my phone is where I’ll spend the rest of my afternoon, with existing candidates and clients also calling in throughout the day.”


“Even though I’ve left the office, my phone is still very much on, with clients and candidates often making calls out-of-hours, something that doesn’t stop on weekends or bank holidays. Because we play such an important role in a candidates’ journey, many have become friends over the years, with some working with me for more than three years. And you never know; a call at 8pm could end up instantly turning an average day into a great day.”

Final Thoughts  

“The key to recruitment, for me, is realising that everything I do can, in a small way, help a candidate’s career or make a clients life easier. I do know that if I give put my all into every day and care about what I do, I can really change people’s lives for the better. And I can do it for a company I genuinely believe in and one I’m proud to be associated with.”

Raiffel Wurr

Team Leader/Desk Manager 

Thursday Jan 11, 2018