Advice | Interview Tips for Candidates

Interviews are usually nerve-wracking. Overthinking situations, concerns about preparation and worries over the questions you may be asked can all cloud your true talent. In this article, we are going to share with you some top tips to manage an interview.

Fail to prepare

It’s true. If you haven’t dedicated enough time to prepare effectively, this will be seen during your interview. Here are a few considerations when you are researching for the job role.

  • Read your job application.
  • Make sure you have a strong understanding of the person specification and job description.
  • Find out what makes this organisation an industry leader.
  • Throughout your research questions should hopefully pop up that you wish to ask the panel, be prepared to ask those questions.

The interview

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your personality, skills and aptitude for the role. Your preparation has been thorough, so now it’s time to step into the interview room.

  • Naturally, we can all find it difficult to be our own sales person, but in this situation, you need to be. Focus on achievements, skills and cite an example of how you personally contributed to the success of a team/situation/group/organisation.
  • If you are speaking to a panel of people, engage with everyone and make eye contact regardless of who asked you the original question.
  • Keep open and enthusiastic with your body language.
  • Make sure your answers are structured around three to five key points and keep your answers clear and concise.
  • Finally, don’t assume that the interviewers have thoroughly examined your CV or application form.

At Evergood, we are frequently asked by candidates about what they should wear to their interview and the best advice we have is to dress appropriately. This might involve visiting the organisation’s website and finding team pictures. They could have a specific dress code, so ask beforehand. Otherwise, just make sure you feel confident as this will send positive signals to the panel of interviewers.

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Monday Nov 13, 2017