Nursing Revalidation

Evergood Associates are committed to working with our nurses to ensure their professional registration remains current. Recent developments with the NMC mean all nurses should be revalidated to maintain their registration. Evergood Associates are here to help you through this process in any way we can. Please see below an outline of the requirements for Nurses in order to be revalidated.

The Requirements for Revalidation are as follows:

  • 450 hours of practice/ 900 for those revalidation as midwife and nurse
  • 35 hours of CPD to include 20 hours of participatory learning
  • 5 pieces of practice related feedback
  • 5 reflective written accounts
  • Reflective Discussion
  • Health and Character Declaration
  • Professional Indemnity Arrangements
  • Confirmation, provided by employer that all the above evidenced

- The Date of Revalidation will be the 1st of the month that the renewal is due to take place.
- Nurses will not need to have annual appraisals in order to be revalidated – although it is recommended that the appraisal is incorporated into the revalidation process.

1. Practice Hours:

  • You must log at least 450 hours as a nurse- and an additional 450 hours as a midwife in order to be revalidated.
  • If you haven’t done the required hours you must complete a return to practice program – as approved by the NMC.
  • If practising as a midwife you must file a ‘Intention to Practice’ form with your Local Supervising Authority Midwifery Officer.
  • To help you keep track, please download the NMC template - Template
  • More information, visit: NMC - Practice Hours

2. Continuing Professional Development:

  • 35 hours of Continual Professional Development.
  • Online Training is a form of CPD.
  • These are courses and seminars, etc. to keep knowledge up to date.
  • Accurate records of what CPD have been undertaken these records
    • The CPD method
    • A description of the topic and how it related to your practice
    • The dates on which the activity was undertaken
    • The number of hours (including the number of participatory hours)
    • The identification of the part of the Code most relevant to the activity
    • Evidence that you undertook the CPD activity
  • To help you keep track, please download the NMC template -Template
  • More information, visit: NMC - Continuing Professional Development

3. Practice Related Feedback:

  • 5 pieces of practice related feedback.
  • These should be from a variety of people – it should be noted how this feedback has affected your practice.
  • It can be verbal, formal and informal.
  • To help you keep track, please download the NMC template -Template
  • More information, visit: NMC - Practice Related Feedback

4. Written Reflective Accounts:

  • 5 pieces of reflective writing – these should refer to:
  • An instance of your CPD
  • Practice Related Feedback you have received
  • An event or experience in your own professional practice and how this relates to the code
  • To help you keep track, please download the NMC template -Template
  • More information, visit: NMC - Written Reflective Accounts

5. Reflective Discussion:

  • Each nurse must have a reflective discussion with a nurse or midwife who is registered with the NMC.
  • This discussion should cover – Written Reflective Accounts, Practice Related Feedback, and events in your practice and how these relate to the code.
  • The Reflective Discussion must be done by another nurse or midwife.
  • If the reflective discussion takes place with the person who will also act as confirmer then both can be done in conjunction.
  • The form must be used to record your reflective discussion – it can be stored in either electronic or paper format.
  • There is a guidance sheet available online for more information - Guidance Sheet
  • To help you keep track, please download the NMC template - Template
  • More information, visit: NMC - Reflective Discussion

6. Health and Character Declaration

  • The Nurse must provide a declaration to state they have no criminal convictions or formal cautions, and nothing that would affect fitness to practice.
  • More information, visit: NMC - Health and Character Declaration

7. Professional Indemnity:

8. Confirmation:

  • Each nurse must nominate a ‘confirmer’ which will normally be their primary employer – the confirmer does not have to be a medical professional. The confirmer must check that all the requirements above have been met. This is then signed off and sent to the NMC to complete the process.
  • This NMC form must be completed - Confirmation Form
  • More information, visit: NMC - Confirmation

From the NMC, to make the process easier for you to keep track of, here are some of the key documents:

Of course if you need any further information regarding the process let us know and we will offer any assistance we can, please visit or email our nursing team

Wednesday Sep 28, 2016